COMFECTION on Turin Municipality’s website, Public engagement activities within the Project “Bambine e bambini un giorno all’Università”, 19/02/2020 [IT]

Lecture“The Emergence of the Face in Food Visual Patterns”, International Symposium Transhuman Visages: Artificial Faces in Arts, Science and Society, Polish Institute of Advanced Studies (PIASt), 28/01/2020 [EN]

International Conference “Food for Thought”, Photo Gallery, 14-15/10/2019

[Note for speakers and chairs: As agreed during the Conference, all the pictures taken on Oct 14-15 have been uploaded here. If for any reason or at any time you would like any picture representing you to be deleted from this gallery, please contact us and we will do it immediately. Thanks!]

Interview for the European Researchers’ Night, Torino Scienza – Città Metropolitana di Torino, 23/09/2019 [IT]

Lecture“Il crudo e il cotto (2.0). Discorso mitico e strategie di dissimulazione autoriale tra passato e presente”, Meetings on Meaning, University of Turin (Italy), 07/06/2019 [IT]

COMFECTION on NYU Steinhardt, NYU News: “Communication for Food Protection and Food for Thought”30/05/2019 [EN]

COMFECTION on FRiDa, UNITO’s Research and Public Engagement Forum – Research Story: “Siamo ciò che (non?) mangiamo: il cibo come sistema semiotico”, 08/01/2019 [IT]